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  • Upgradeable smart contracts security

    Slides & video from my talk about the security of proxies in smart contracts at OFFZONE 2022

  • Сушите вёсла #20

    Сушите вёсла #20

    Принял участие в новом эпизоде подкаста “Сушите вёсла”, посвященном блокчейну, смарт-контрактам и их безопасности. Приятного прослушивания!

  • contract-diff: find bugs in smart contract forks

    contract-diff: find bugs in smart contract forks

    There has been plenty of hacks when a smart contract was forked and some things were changed without full understanding of the code. To help auditors I have built https://contract-diff.xyz This is how it works 🧵 For popular contracts like OpenZeppelin, Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc two kinds of hashes were computed: md5 hashsums & simhashes. Using…

  • DeFi Hack solutions: DiscoLP

    This is a series of write-ups on DeFi Hack, a wargame based on real-world DeFi vulnerabilities. Other posts: DiscoLP DiscoLP is a brand new liquidity mining protocol! You can participate by depositing some JIMBO or JAMBO tokens. All liquidity will be supplied to JIMBO-JAMBO Uniswap pair. By providing liquidity with us you will get DISCO…

  • DeFi Hack solutions: May The Force Be With You

    DeFi Hack solutions: May The Force Be With You

    Back in 2018 I hosted the contest EtherHack which featured a set of vulnerable smart contracts. At that time the tasks were focused primarily on the EVM peculiarities like insecure randomness or extcodesize opcode tricks. Back then the first wave of crypto hype was coming to the end when numerous ICOs were falling apart because…

  • PolySwarm Smart Contract Hacking Challenge Writeup

    This is a walk through for the smart contract hacking challenge organized by PolySwarm for CODE BLUE conference held in Japan on November 01–02. Although the challenge was supposed to be held on-site for whitelisted addresses only, Ben Schmidt of PolySwarm kindly shared a wallet so that I could participate in the challenge.

  • Predicting Random Numbers in Ethereum Smart Contracts

    Slides from my AppSec California 2018 talk “Predicting Random Numbers in Ethereum Smart Contracts” Detailed blog post: https://blog.positive.com/predicting-random-numbers-in-ethereum-smart-contracts-e5358c6b8620