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  • Arbitrary File Reading in Next.js < 2.4.1

    Next.js is a quite popular (>13k stars on GitHub) framework for server-rendered React applications. It includes a NodeJS server which allows to render HTML pages dynamically. While digging into server’s code, a list of internal routes drew my attention: defineRoutes() { const routes = { /* … */ '/_next/:path+': async(req, res, params) => { const […]

  • Universal (Isomorphic) Web Applications Security

    Nowadays you do not write things in jQuery. You use node.js, webpack, React, Redux, websockets, babel and a ton of other packages to help you create a basic ToDo web application. With frontend technologies developing rapidly, isomorphic (or to be correct universal) web applications are a big thing now. In a nutshell, it means that […]